'Tis the Season to Recycle

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Bin collections will occur as normal


Over the Christmas period, bins will be collected as normal, even if your bin collection falls on Christmas Day or other public holidays. Please ensure you place your bin out at the kerbside the night before your collection day.

Reminder: Bins must open facing the road, and should be presented away from parked cars, trees and telegraph/power poles or other obstacles that may make it difficult for the truck to empty bins.

What if my bin is missed? If your bin has been missed, please call the Cleanaway Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895.


Household Kerbside Clean-Up Collection

If you have booked in a household kerbside clean-up collection, and it is scheduled to take place on a public holiday, please ensure materials are placed out the evening before as normal.

Waste should be presented in three separate piles, and all materials must be comfortably handled by two people.

Read more information about the clean-up collection service.

Remember, waste may be collected over two days.

Important: Only put waste out on the kerbside if you have booked in a household kerbside clean-up collection. Waste that has been placed out without a booking or prior to the night before your booked in date may be treated as illegal dumping.


Can I put it in my yellow - lidded recycling bin?



  • Christmas cards and wrapping paper (no plastic or foil wrapping paper, or cellophane)
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bottles and containers
  • Steel and aluminium cans and tins
  • Cardboard and junk mail



  • Christmas lights
  • Toys and clothes
  • Bon Bons/Christmas crackers
  • Decorations/ribbons/tinsel/foil
  • Broken crockery and drinking glasses
  • Plastic bags/shrink wrap
  • Polystyrene
  • Disposable plastic plates and cutlery


Remember to collapse cardboard and squash plastic bottles and aluminium cans before placing into the yellow lidded recycling bin. Please ensure that all containers, bottles and jars are completely empty.

Do you have polystyrene foam to dispose of? Polystyrene foam may only  be disposed of through the red lidded garbage bin. Do Not place polystyrene foam into the yellow lidded recycling bin.

Polystyrene foam should be placed into a bag before being disposed of in red-lidded garbage bin. Loose or large pieces of polystyrene may get wedged in the bin, making it difficult for the truck to empty completely.

If you have a large amount of polystyrene foam to dispose of, you may like to book in a household kerbside clean-up collection. Polystyrene foam must be bagged or boxed prior to being placed out on the kerbside to prevent it from blowing away.


Have you accumulated excess paper and cardboard?

Clean paper and cardboard may be taken to the SUEZ Resource Recovery Centre (29 Power Road, Seven Hills) FREE of charge. Fees may apply to drop off other recyclables or waste material.

Please contact SUEZ before dropping off to confirm fees and charges/acceptance criteria or for more information on 1300 651 116.


Tis the Season of Festivities

Are you planning a party or social gathering this festive season? Save yourself time and money with these hints and tips:

Menu Plan and Shop to a List

Before you hit the shops:

Writing a shopping list from your meal plan will reduce the urge to impulse buy. It will also help to reduce food waste and save you money and time as you only purchase what you need.

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What can I do with leftover food?

Leftover food can be a great base for a new meal, or be tasty lunch the following day.

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