Waste & Recycling School Programs

Fun with Billy Bower and the Garbo Gang


Billy-Bower-Colour-Poster.jpgBilly Bower - Colour Poster(PDF, 2MB)

Billy Bower Truck - Colour Poster(PDF, 962KB)

Harry - Colour Poster(PDF, 827KB)

Kerrie K - Colour Poster(PDF, 799KB)

Rodney Roo - Colour Poster(PDF, 893KB)

Sally - Colour Poster(PDF, 647KB)

Wallie Wombat - Colour Poster(PDF, 909KB)


Billy-Bower-Truck-Colouring-Sheet.jpgColouring Sheets

Billy Bower - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 64KB)

Billy Bower Truck - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 84KB)

Harry - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 40KB)

Kerrie K - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 44KB)

Rodney Roo - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 40KB)

Sally - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 40KB)

Wallie Wombat - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 42KB)

The Garbo Gang - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 256KB)


Do-the-Right-Bin-Find-It.jpgFind it

Do the Right Bin - Find It(PDF, 2MB)



Billy-Bower-Cartoon.jpgCartoon Fun

Billy Bower - complete the cartoon(PDF, 1MB)

Billy Bower - Completed Cartoon(PDF, 1MB)



School Education Programs

We recognise the importance of working with local schools regarding waste avoidance and resource recovery and ongoing environmental initiatives. The Council’s School Education Programs are in line with curriculum objectives and are available to all schools in the Local Government Area.

For more information, please contact the Resource Recovery Education Officer on 02 9843 0505.


Cleanaway's kNOw Waste Program

Council’s waste collection contractor - Cleanaway, offer an education program for pre-schools, primary schools and high schools. The kNOw Waste program focuses on sustainable waste management and encourages children to develop responsible environmental values.

For further information, please email the Cleanaway Education team at education.nsw@cleanaway.com.au. Or to book an education workshop, please fill out the online form at www.cleanaway.com.au/knowwaste


Waste Free Lunch Day

Waste Free Lunch DayThe Waste Free Lunch Day event encourages students and teachers to pack a lunch which contains zero waste and supports the use of reusable food and drink containers, utensils and fresh fruit and vegies.

This is an annual event. To register your schools interest for the next Waste Free Lunch Day, please contact the Resource Recovery Education Officer on 02 9843 0505.


Speaking 4 the Planet

Speaking 4 the Planet is an event aimed at local high schools. The event encourages students to speak on behalf of the planet about environmental issues. The day includes prepared and impromptu speeches and a drama performance.

To register your schools interest for the next event, please contact the Resource Recovery Education Officer on 02 9843 0505.

Speaking-4-The-Planet-Video-web.jpg  Speaking-4-The-Planet-The-Images-web.jpg 
 Speaking 4 The Planet Introductory Video
 Speaking 4 The Planet- The Images

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative, funded from the waste levy.