Bin Collections - Units, Townhouses and Villas

Residents living in units, townhouses or villas may be provided with a shared or individual service depending on the requirements of each development. Additional bins or additional collections may be arranged to ensure your garbage collection needs are met through the Owners Corporation.

For units, townhouses or villas that have a bin bay storage area, the contractor may collect bins from the storage area and return the emptied bins for you. However, where prior arrangements have been made for caretakers to undertake the placement of bins at the kerbside, this service does not apply.

Council provides a garden organics service to many properties throughout the Shire. If garden organics bins are not provided, requests may be made via the Owners Corporation.

Bin Bay Signage and Stickers

No-Plastic-Bags-Sticker.jpgAll bin storage areas within units, townhouses or villas should have appropriate signage showing acceptable and non-acceptable items for each bin.

The Resource Recovery Team have recently developed new signs for bin bay storage areas and stickers.

Available signs relate to the following services:

  • Garbage
  • Recycle
  • Garden and
  • Clean Up Collection


Available stickers include:

  • Garbage
  • Recycle and
  • Garden



English MUD signs(PDF, 7MB)

English MUD stickers(PDF, 2MB)

English RID MUD Sign(PDF, 102KB)

Chinese Stickers


All signs (except Clean Up Collection) and stickers are also available in Traditional Chinese.


Chinese MUD Signs(PDF, 9MB)

Chinese MUD Stickers(PDF, 3MB)

Requests for new signs and stickers can also be made through the Strata or Body Corporate.

Please contact the Resource Recovery Project Officer on 02 9762 1112 for further information.