Change Land Categorisation

The rating category of a property is shown on the Rate Notice. If you don’t agree with the rating category your land has been allocated, either you or your agent can ask for a review.

A request for a review must be in writing using one of the forms below:

Click here for online application for Change in Rating Category Business or Residential

Application for change in rating category business or residential(PDF, 710KB)

Application for Farmland Rating(PDF, 1MB)


These forms are also available from Council’s Customer Services Centre or by phoning Council’s Rates Section on 02 9843 0247.


If the dominant use of your property is different to rating Category shown on the Rate Notice, it is your obligation to notify Council of the correct category.

If you are dissatisfied with Council’s declaration of the rating category of your land after it has been reviewed, or the date the rating category of your land is to take effect, you may appeal to the Land and Environment Court within 30 days after the declaration is made.

For more information phone Council’s Rates Section on 02 9843 0247.