Nuisance or Barking Dogs

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What should I do if my neighbour’s dog is barking?

If you feel as though a neighbour’s dog is barking as a result of neglect or abuse, you should contact the RSPCA or an animal welfare organisation.

If your neighbour’s dog is barking and causing a nuisance, you first step should be to approach your neighbours or leave them something in writing advising them of the problem if you think they are unapproachable or not home often. Below is an example of one such letter that could assist you if you decide to write to your neighbour regarding the barking dog:

Example Barking Dog Notification Letter(DOCX, 14KB)

Alternatively, you could use the services of a Community Justice Centre (CJC). This is government funded centre who provide free mediation sessions for residents having problems with issues such as barking dogs, fences etc. Your local CJC is located at Level 1 & 5, Parramatta Justice Precinct, 160 Marsden Street, Parramatta NSW 2150. PH: 1800 990 777.


If all else fails, you can lodge a formal complaint with Council. Once lodged, Council with notify the owner of your complaint and will provide them with an educational pack on barking dogs and the law.

Fact Sheet - Barking Dogs and the Complaint Investigation Process(PDF, 1022KB)


To lodge a complaint, please use the link below providing as much detail as possible (including hours in which the dog barks, the breed of dog, what action has been taken etc) along with your details.

Alternatively, you can call and speak with a Council staff member on +61 2 9843 0555 Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm. 

Report a barking dog to Council here


Information for Dog Owners

Information for dog owners including why dogs bark, advice on eliminating the barking habit and how an investigation process is conducted.

Fact Sheet - Dealing with Barking Dogs - An Owner's Guide(PDF, 1MB)