New Residents

The New Resident Information Fact Sheets below provide an overview of services available to residents of the Shire.


Cats and Dogs - Your Responsibilities(PDF, 1MB)

Dogs in Public Spaces(PDF, 463KB)

Nuisance Barking(PDF, 790KB)

Wandering Dogs(PDF, 2MB)


The Environment

Discover Your Local Region(PDF, 1MB)

Information on Bidjiwong Community Nursery & Your 4 Free Plants(PDF, 377KB)

The Great Outdoors(PDF, 3MB)

Living in a Bushfire Prone Landscape(PDF, 2MB)



Child Care Facilities(PDF, 864KB)

Making the Most of Your Library(PDF, 2MB)

Volunteering in The Hills Shire(PDF, 1MB)

Save Big - Guide to your Waste Service(PDF, 10MB)



Your Guide to Council Meetings(PDF, 1MB)

Keeping an Eye on Development(PDF, 2MB)

Your Chance to Have a Say(PDF, 1MB)