Trees on Public Land

The Hills Shire Council is committed to preserving the amenity of the Shire and the high quality of life that residents enjoy.

Trees are of vital importance in improving the visual quality of The Sydney Hills. The predominance of tree cover, both in bushland and urban areas, forms an integral part of the character of the Hills Shire.

Council's main document for the management of tree cover across The Hills Shire is:

Operational Procedures for the Management of Trees on Public Land(PDF, 817KB)


Report Non-Urgent Tree Issue on Public Land

Report non-urgent root damage, fallen trees or branches or a dead tree (on the nature strip or in public reserves) here.


Tree Emergencies on public land (nature strips and public reserves)

By Phone - The Hills Shire Council Contact Centre on +61 2 9843 0555 during telephone hours (8am – 4.30pm 5 days a week)

After-hours Emergency Number for issues relating to trees on public land - 02 9843 0555 (and listen for the prompts).