Waste Education

Council in partnership with its Contractors aims to provide a range of waste education opportunities for the whole community.

Our 'Guide To Saving Heaps' contains a comprehensive overview of Council's waste and resource recovery services and is a great resource for students investigating Council's waste services - Guide To Saving Heaps(PDF, 6MB)

Free Waste Workshops are held during the year. For more details visit our Events Page.

Resource Recovery Fact Sheets

Batteries(PDF, 472KB) 

Electronic Waste(PDF, 1MB) 

Food Waste(PDF, 409KB)

Glass(PDF, 607KB)

Plastic(PDF, 486KB)

Metal(PDF, 365KB)

Mobiles(PDF, 606KB)

Paper/Cardboard(PDF, 394KB)

For further information on available activity sheets or resources, contact Council's Resource Recovery Education Officer on +61 2 9843 0505.