Create a Habitat for Sydney's Wildlife

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What is a habitat stepping stone?

A habitat is an animal’s surrounding physical environment. All animals, from the smallest bug to the largest mammal (including us), need certain things within their habitat to survive and to thrive. By providing the types of food, water and shelter that benefit local wildlife, you can create a habitat link between the existing wildlife corridors in your area. A large bird of prey needs a high branch from which it can scout for food, while small birds such as finches and fairy-wrens need dense and prickly shrubs in which to hide. The greater the variety of food, shelter and water sources you have in your garden, the more native wildlife you will be helping.

How do habitat stepping stones help preserve biodiversity?

Providing habitat stepping stones between existing wildlife corridors enables animals to move through the landscape and is one of the most important factors in maintaining biodiversity.

    Habitat stepping stones:
  • Facilitate the migration of species to buffer the effects of drought and fire
  • Encourage genetic diversity which lessens in-breeding and susceptibility to disease
  • Enable species to migrate as climate changes