Volunteering at the Community Environment Centre


Volunteers are the drive and heart of our Community Environment Centre also known as the ‘Platypus Hub’.

The volunteer program has been in place since the Centre began and what the Centre is today along with its beautiful gardens and outdoor demonstration features is a testament to the hard work and passion of volunteers.

Duties involved in being a volunteer could include:

  • Maintaining a native waterwise garden.
  • Maintaining a vegetable garden and existing demonstrations and displays.
  • Assist with the daily operations of the Community Environment Centre and its outdoor features.
  • Assist with promoting events, workshops, and the Community Environment Centre.
  • Assist with community engagement including newsletters, social media, running tours of the centre, outreach to community groups and exploring future ideas, projects, and grants.
  • Conducting tours of the Community Environment Centre to visitors and assisting with visitor enquiries.
  • Helping to plan, prepare and run workshops for the community through our regular workshops program.


Volunteer at the Community Environment Centre