Postponement of Rates

What are postponed rates?

If a property is being used as a single dwelling ONLY, but is zoned for use as industrial, commercial, residential flat building or permitted under plan to be further subdivided, you can apply for postponed rates.

Apply for Postponement of Rates

Step 2.Submit your application form

The completed application form can be submitted to Council using the following methods:


Step 3.Next steps

After Council receives an application and assesses that it meets with the legislative requirement, Council will request the Valuer-General to provide a 'Postponed Apportionment’ valuation. The valuer will determine the portion of your current valuation that can be used for postponement of your rate.


Land Valuation $1,500,000
Postponed Apportionment Value $800,000
Remaining Balance of Valuation $700,000 


As per example the rates calculated on the $700,000 will be due and payable by instalment, but the rates calculated on the Postponed Valuation $800,000 will be levied but postponed. The postponed portion will not appear on your instalment amounts, but will continue to incur interest.

After five years of continuous postponement of rates, Council will Write-Off the very first years postponed rates and the interest that has been applied for that particular year. There will be no more than 5 years maximum postponed rates and interest charges payable at any time.

Postponed rates can remain on the property providing its use doesn’t change, i.e.: demolition of house for redevelopment, or its use change to business or commercial or property sold or changed ownership. Should any of these changes occur the postponed rates and interest charges will become due and payable i.e. up to a maximum of 5 years of postponed rates and interest charges will become immediately due and payable.

Please refer to the current years Hill Shire Plan Fees & Charges for the applicable rate of interest.