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“A big indicator that the centre is fantastic in every way is that my child is very eager to get to school and comes out happy and fulfilled. Thank you Excelsior!” Melanie and Wesley Naidoo

About Us

"We strive to provide best practice early childhood education and care."

  • Excelsior Avenue Child Care Centre is a not-for-profit service for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years
  • The well-established 40 place centre has been operating since 1987
  • Owned and operated by The Hills Shire Council
  • Excelsior Avenue Child Care Centre is Meeting the National Quality Standard
  • Open from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday
  • Nutritious meals prepared freshly each day by our on-site cook
  • Our caring, qualified and experienced staff have a long service at our Centre
  • A spacious outdoor play environment, promoting engagement and appreciation of the natural environment
  • An active and inclusive learning environment where children are encouraged to explore, interact and make choices in a safe and supportive setting
  • Child Care Centre Director – Kristie Allan (Masters of Teaching)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit an enquiry form online?

We will contact you to discuss your enquiry. If you wish to go onto our wait list we will email you with a link to complete an application form. We will ask you if you would like to have a Centre tour.

Is the Centre approved for Child Care Subsidy?

Yes we are approved for child care subsidy.  The Australian Government offers Child Care Subsidy to families who are eligible.  We suggest if you are thinking of starting care that you register for the child care subsidy to avoid delay in your subsidy payments.

Are there closure periods?

We are closed on public holidays and have a Christmas shutdown period of approximately 2 weeks, during these times we do not charge fees. In addition, we do not charge administration fees or deposits.

Is there an Orientation program?

Yes prior to your child starting, we encourage your child to partake in orientation sessions where your child can spend time in their new learning environment.

What is your educational program?

Our programs are based on the Australian Government’s ‘Early Years Learning Framework’.

Our team facilitates educational experiences using the learning outcomes within the framework. This supports children to establish lifelong skills, knowledge and cultural development.

We are committed to provide an early childhood environment to standards of industry best practice. This facilitates each child’s development with literacy, numeracy, learning and social behaviours.

This includes group and play based activities with music and movement, art, craft and outdoor playtime

Do you have a transition to school  program?

The transition to school program at our centre focuses on assisting children to develop a sense of identity, respond to emotional and cognitive demands of the school environment and life beyond.

Is the Centre Accredited for sun smart?

Yes we are accredited for sun smart and use the sun smart application to monitor UV alerts. We ensure the outdoor environment has adequate shade and that children have sunscreen applied. We ask you provide your child with a broad brimmed or legionnaire hat and clothing that covers the shoulders.

Do you provide nappies?

Families provide their own nappies for use in the centre along with bringing in their own sleep sheets. We do provide nappy wipes but parent can provide their own if preferred.

Do you provide toilet training?

Yes we do provide toilet training. We support families during this time working with your child at their pace to achieve this milestone.

What meals are provided to the children?

Our Centre has its own on site cook who creates fresh meals each day following the principles of Munch and Move (NSW Health). Meals include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Do you have a parent portal?

Yes we use the Kinderm8 program to provide newsfeeds and daily journals.  You can use this as an app or on a computer to see your child’s progress and involvement in our educational program which links to the Early Years Learning Framework.

What does the centre celebrate?

We celebrate a diverse range of cultural events. This includes Chinese New Year, Diwali, NAIDOC week along with community events such as “Tree Day” and “National Science Week”. 

We encourage all families to let us know if there is an event that they wish for us to celebrate.

Contact Us

New enquiries: 9761 5703 | email: childcareapplications@thehills.nsw.gov.au

Existing families: 9761 5775 | email cccexave@thehills.nsw.gov.au


Early childhood is the ideal time for children to develop and practice combining healthy eating and physical activity.

Childcare services provide ideal settings to increase this awareness of appropriate physical activity and healthy eating habits through the Munch & Move initiative.