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Bookan is a collection of over 3000 Chinese newspapers and magazines digitised for easy access and updated daily. Each issue is fully digitised so it retains everything from the original publication, including all of the images, and is read directly in your browser so you can read them straight away, no need to download any software. 

Bookan (博看网)拥有超过3000种电子中文报纸和杂志,每日更新,操作方便。每期报纸和杂志经过数字化加工,所有内容包括图片与原版完全一致。您可以直接在阅览器内阅读,无需使用任何软件下载。


You will need to login to the Bookan site with a username through the link at the very top right of the page. Click on Institutional account and enter the username. Click Skip Binding once logged in

您需要登陆Bookan (博看网)才能阅读中文电子报纸杂志。您可以在页面右上角找到输入用户名的链接。单击机构帐户并输入用户名。登录后单击“跳过绑定”

Username and Password: thslib



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