History of Local Cemeteries


When land in our Shire was first settled there were no local cemeteries so early residents were often buried on their properties.

For example, Vernicourt De Clambe was buried among the coffee trees on his farm, ‘The Hermitage’ at Castle Hill in 1804.

Private family cemeteries that have survived include that of the Pearce family of Baulkham Hills/Seven Hills, as well as some in the far north of the Shire.

Burial grounds and cemeteries where Hills Shire residents have been interred include:

  • St John’s, St Patrick’s, Mays Hill, All Saints and Wesleyan in Parramatta
  • Wesleyan Church Castle Hill (in New Line Road Cherrybrook)
  • St Paul’s and Castle Hill Cemetery Castle Hill
  • St Jude’s and Uniting Dural
  • Christ Church Rouse Hill
  • St Matthew’s Windsor
  • Riverstone General Cemetery and Wisemans Ferry Cemetery.

The Local Studies Collection at Castle Hill Library holds published transcription books for these burial grounds and cemeteries in The Hills Shire and neighbouring areas.

The following links offer different ways of accessing information relating to the various cemeteries

Castle Hill Cemetery

History & Headstones

Read about the history of Castle Hill Cemetery, view some of the headstones and explore some of the stories that lie behind them.  

Castle Hill Cemetery


Examine the information on Castle Hill Cemetery found on The Hills Shire Council's website.

St John's Parramatta

History & Headstones

Read about the history of St John's Cemetery at Parramatta, view some of the the headstones and explore some of the stories that lie behind them.

Hawkesbury River Cemeteries

Hawkesbury Cemetery and Grave Register

View transcriptions, photographs, maps, etc, for many of the cemeteries around the Hawkesbury River.