Hills Wartime Heroes


As stated by Ron Smith, the names of many military personnel were not recorded on any known Honour Roll. 

In 2007 The Hills Shire Library Service began to consolidate the names of earlier residents of The Hills Shire who served in

  • The Boer Wars
  • World War 1
  • World War 2

The service followed on from the work of:

  • The Mitchell Electorate Australia Remembers Committee
  • Baulkham Hills Shire Patriotic Fund Book (which was recently discovered).

The Internet provided wonderful resources to expand the project. It then became known as Hills Wartime Heroes.

Information added to this comprehensive database includes details of residents:

  • who were born in The Hills Shire and participated as military personnel
  • and those who worked at the 103rd General Hospital at William Thompson Masonic School site

The project has been painstakingly compiled by:

  • Library volunteer Ian Beckett assisted by Pam Trimmer and Trevor Patrick from The Hills District Historical Society Inc
  • Ron Smith from Castle Hill RSL Club, and
  • Noelene Pullen, previously Development Officer - Local Studies, The Hills Shire Library Service

You can view these records as an Online Table.

If you have information on residents who qualify for inclusion in Hills Wartime Heroes please contact the library.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this document, it is subject to human error. Users should always check the original source. Discrepancies have been found between different official records. 



Below is a list of abbreviations used in the Hills Wartime Heroes database. Note that not all abbreviations shown on official records have locatable glossary meanings or definitions. All care was taken in compiling this list of abbreviations. However it may be advisable to check official records shown on relevant websites as data is often revised. Numbers shown with names are either Regimental numbers (WW1) or Service numbers (WW2).

A Emp C Australian Employment Company INDEP Independent
A tk Anti tank Inf Infantry
a/c Aircraft ITB Infantry Training Battalion
AA Tn C Australian Army Transportation Corps ITU Infantry Training Unit
AA Anti Aircraft KIA Killed in action
AACS Australian Army Canteen Service L of C Lines of Communication
AAD Advanced Ammunition Depot L/S Leading Seaman
AADC Anti aircraft Defence Commander LAA Bty Light anti aircraft battery
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps LAA Light anti aircraft
AAMWS Australian Army Medical Women’s Service LACW Leading aircraft woman
AANS Australian Army Nursing Service LAD Light Aid Detachment
AAOC Australian Army Ordnance Corps L-Bdr Lance Bombardier
AAOD Army Aviation Operating Detachment L-Cpl Lance Corporal
AAPS Australian Army Postal Service Ldg Landing
AAPS Australian Army Postal Service LDGSTO Leading Stoker
AASL Anti Aircraft Search Light Ldry Laundry
AB Able Seaman LH Bde Light Horse Brigade
ABSA Australian Base Sub Area   LH Light Horse
AC 1 Aircraftman Class 1 LHA Landing ship assault
AC 2 Aircraftman Class 2   LHQ Land Headquarters
AC Aircraftman  LHR Light Horse Regiment
ACC Army Catering Corps L-Sgt Lance Sergeant
ACS Army canteen service   LST Landing ship tank
ACS Airfield Construction Squadron
Lt Cdr Lieutenant Commander
Act Sgt Acting Sergeant
Lt Lieutenant
Act Acting
Lt-Col Lieutenant Colonel
ACU Airfield Construction Unit
M/T Motor Transport
ACW Aircraftwoman
MAC Motor Ambulance Convoy
ACW1 Aircraftwoman Class 1
Maint Maintenance
AD Aircraft Depot
Maj Major
Adm Administration
MC Motor Cycle
AFC Australian Flying Corps
MCS Medical Clearing Station
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Mech Mechanic/mechanical
AGH Australian General Hospital
MG Bn Machine Gun Battalion
AGS Allied Geographical Section
MG Coy Machine Gun Company
AGT Australian General Transport Company
MG Sqn Machine Gun Squadron
AHQ Air Headquarters
MG Machine Gun
AIB Australian Infantry Brigade/Battalion
MIA Missing in Action
AIF Australian Imperial Force
MMG Medium Machine Gun
AIT Australian Infantry Transport
Mob Mobile
AJTLMS Australian Jungle Trunk Line Maintenance Section
MTMB Medium Trench Mortar Battery
AKW Aircrew
MU Maintenance Unit
AMAC Australian Motor Ambulance Company
NEA North Eastern Area
Amb Ambulance
NEAHQ North Eastern Area Headquarters
AMC Australian Medical Corps
NGF New Guinea Force
AMCG Australian Movement Contingent Group
NGIB New Guinea Infantry Battalion
AMEC Australian Mechanised Equipment Company
NOK Next of kin
AOD Army Ordnance Depot
NTF Northern Territory Force
AOS Air Observers School
OA Ordnance Artificer
AOW Advanced Ordnance Workshop
Ops Operation/Operational
Armd Armoured
Ord Ordnance
Art Artillery
OTU Operational Training Unit
ASC Australian Contingent (Peacekeeping)
Para Parachute/Parachutist
ASD Advanced Supply Depot
Per Personnel
Aust Inf Australian Infantry
PIB Papuan Infantry Battalion
Aust Australia/Australian
Pk Park
AUX Auxiliary
PL Platoon
AWAS Australian Women’s Army Service
PO Petty Officer (RAN)
BCOF British Commonwealth Occupation Force
PO Pilot Officer (RAAF)
Bde Brigade   POSTO Petty Officer Stoker
Bdr Bombardier
POW Prisoner of War
BIPOD Bulk Issue Petrol and Oil Depot
Pro Provost
BKS Barracks
PTC Personnel Transit Centre
BMH Base Medical Hospital
Pte Private
Bn Battalion
RAA Royal Australian Artillery
BOD Base Ordnance Depot
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
BRIT COM British Commonwealth Base
RAANS Royal Australian Army Nursing Service
Bty Battery
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
C & MU Care and Maintenance Unit
RAN Royal Australian Navy
C Sig C Corps Signal Company
RCSU Rescue and Communication Unit
C Tps Corps Troops
RDR Radar
CA Coastal Artillery
Rec Camp Recreation Camp
Capt Captain
Rec Recovery
Cav Cavalry
Recce Reconnaissance
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
Regt Regiment
CERA Chief Engine Room Artificer
Reinft Reinforcement
Cfn Craftsman
Res Reserve
Col Colonel
Rly CC Railway Construction Company
Col/Unit Collection Unit
Rly Coy Railway Company
COLM Column
Rly Railway
COMM Communication
RRD Redbank Reinforcement Depot
Constr Construction
RSU Repair and Salvage Unit (RAAF)
Conv Convalescent
RSU Repair and Servicing Unit
Coy Company
RTC Replacement Training Centre
Cpl Corporal
S A School of Artillery
Cps Corps
S/L Searchlight
CTC Camel Transport Corps
S/L Squadron Leader (RAAF)
CTSC Corps Troops Supply Column
Sec Section
CU Communication Unit
Sgt Sergeant
DAC Divisional Artillery Column
SHQ Station Headquarters
Dept Depot
SIB Special Investigation Branch
Det Detachment
Sig Signalman/signal/s
Detn Bks Detention Barracks
SME School of Military Engineering
Div Division
Spec Special
DMS Deputy Military Secretary
Spr Sapper
DOI Died of illness
Sqn Squadron
DOW Died of wounds
SRD Services Reconnaissance Department
DPA Director of Personnel Administration
S-Sgt Staff Sergeant
DUKW Detroit United Kaiser Works Amphibious Load Carrier
Stn Station
Dvr Driver
Sup Supply/supplies
EA Eastern Area
Sup/Colm Supply Column
ED Embarkation Depot
SWS Shore Wireless Service (RAN)
EFTS Elementary Flying Training School
TACT Tactical Transport
EMP Employment
TD Tank Division
ENGR Engineer
TECH Technical
eqpt Equipment
TF Training Force
ERA Engine Room Artificer
Tk A Tank Attack
ES Engineering School
Tk Tank
FAB Field Ambulance Brigade
TMO Transportation and Movements Office (RAAF)
FCE Field Company Engineers
Tn Transportation
Fd Amb Field Ambulance
TO Training Officer
Fd Butch Field Butchery
Tpr Trooper
Fd Regt Field Regiment
TPT Transport
Fd Field
Trng Training
F-Lt Flight Lieutenant
TRP Troop
FO Flying Officer
TU Training Unit
F-Sgt Flight Sergeant
UK United Kingdom
Gen Hosp General Hospital
VDC PTD Volunteer Defence Corps Part Time Duty
Gnr Gunner
VDC Volunteer Defence Corps
GP Group
Veh Vehicle
GR General Reconnaissance
VPW Vehicle Park Workshop
Grn Garrison
WAAAF Women’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force
GT General Transport
WAAC Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps
HAA Heavy Anti Aircraft WKS Works
HAG Heavy Artillery Group
Wksp Workshop
HBCCU Heavy Bomber Crew Conversion Unit
WO Warrant Officer
Hosp Hospital
WO2 Warrant Officer- 2nd Class
HQ Headquarters
X List of members who are absent
HQS Headquarters Support
Hvy Heavy