Heritage Sites


These sites can also be explored in the Sydney Hills Heritage Trail brochure.

You can also explore the area's Historic Cemeteries.

Sites with Oral Histories



Roughley House

(The Pines)
Map | Information 

Clive Roughley  One  Two
Rob Williams
One Two 

Balcombe Heights
(William Thompson Masonic School)

Map | Information | Fact Sheet(PDF, 748KB) | Video 

Margaret and John Brown
One Two 
Pat Copley
One -
Harry and Ray Ctercteko
One -
Keith Teale
One -
Gordon Thomson
One -
Patricia Robinson
(103rd General Hospital)
One Two

Aberdoon House

Map | Information | Fact Sheet(PDF, 1MB)

Angela Raymond  One -
Carole Roussel
One -

Castle Hill Heritage Park

Map | Information | Fact Sheet(PDF, 387KB) | Student Resource(PDF, 2MB) | Archaeology Fact Sheet(PDF, 896KB) | Video

Graham Wilson and Peter Douglas
One Two
Warren and Bruce Bowden
One Two

Bella Vista Farm

Map | Information | Fact Sheet - History & Restoration

Rod Howard
One Two
Keith and Mark Pearce
One Two
Vera Jones
One Two
Len Ward  One -

Mungerie House

Map | History - Brimbecom Story

Bob Scharkie  One -
Joan Scharkie Wilson
One -

Burnside Homes
(Now part of City of Parramatta

Map  | History | Video

Basil Falconer
One -
Betty Brown
Dorothy Mason
One -
Bob Larter
David Lang

Castle Hill House


Jonathan Cannon
One Two

Other sites:


The Hills District Historical
Society Museum 2008

Map | History 


Arthur Whitling Castle Hill Park

Map | History 


The Hermitage

Map | History


Rouse Hill House & Farm
(A Historic Houses Trust property)

Map | Website 


Baulkham Hills Heritage Trail 

Map | History 


Cropley House

Map | Fact Sheet | Information


The heritage of The Hills Shire is a valuable and non-renewable resource, which assists in the development and interpretation of the Shire's character and identity. As with other non-renewable resources, heritage requires protection and conservation if it is to be enjoyed by future generations. Places of heritage significance provide a link to the past, informing us about our cultural history and often providing a sense of identity for a community. They may consist of landscapes, places, buildings, structures, relics or works which are valued not simply because they are old, but because they are associated with phases of history, or people and events of great importance. 

Local Councils have the primary responsibility for identifying and managing places of heritage significance in New South Wales. In particular, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 and Heritage Act, 1977 requires all local Councils to protect heritage items and conservation areas through their identification in planning instruments. The Hills Shire Council has included a list of heritage items and conservation areas in Schedule 1 of Council's Local Environmental Plan (LEP). Some heritage items such as Bella Vista Farm and Castle Hill Heritage Park are also listed on the NSW State Heritage Register because they are considered to be of State significance.