Here, Now, Today 2010


What is it like to live in Rouse Hill?

A story writing and telling competition “Here, Now, Today – a series of short stories about youth in Rouse Hill” was held in August to celebrate Book Week 2010. This competition gave a great insight into modern day living for youth in Rouse Hill. The stories described the Vinegar Hill Memorial Library, Mungerie House, shops, lakes, ice skating and much more to entertain youth in Rouse Hill.

There were three age categories ranging from 8-18 years with 35 entries received. Of these, 8 finalists were chosen to present their story to the audience and judges in Rouse Hill Town Centre. The judges then had the tough decision of deciding the winners.

This event was run in partnership with The Hills Shire Library Service, Learn2 and The Rouse Hill Town Centre/GPT Group. All entries were displayed in the Exhibition space at Vinegar Hill Memorial Library.

Kellyville High Circus group in Rouse Hill Town Centre Parade Mar 2008

8 to 10 years:

Charlotte Bishop

Rouse Hill Town Centre is a very nice place to be. There are lots of exciting things, but the best thing of all is... EVERYTHING!
The library has fun and cool stuff and there’s entertainment for everyone, such as ice-skating, roller-skating, and festivals and I like it all.

Melissa Dennett

Rouse Hill is a beautiful area with lots of parklands. My favourite part is the Town Centre where I come to dance. It has all my favourite shops including Target and Smiggle. It also has the library where I can borrow my favourite books and cds. I love Rouse Hill.

Svea Taylor

Living in Rouse Hill is clean, happy and fun. I love riding bikes! I also enjoy watching houses being built. I love the library and go often! The Town Centre has lots of activities like roller skating and ice skating. The Secret Garden is cool and the shopping is great!

Vinegar Hill Memorial Library and Community Centre
11 to 13 years:

Joylynn Taylor

The Town Centre was just being constructed when my family moved to Australia in 2007. It didn’t take us long to decide this is where we wanted to live.

Paddocks with farm animals are abundant and families can feel safe here. Where we’ve chosen to live, we enjoy access to a pool and tennis court. We love going to Rouse Hill Regional Park, biking on the conveniently wide foot paths, and have toured the Rouse Hill House and farm at least three times. The library is like second home to us!

Living in Rouse Hill is the best!

Outdoor eating area Rouse Hill Town Centre 2010

Lewis Bustin

To me Rouse Hill is brilliant. The sense of community is strong and there is fun vibe here. As a 13 year old boy I am able to do many things and have everything on my door step.

I can go to cinema, hire books and DVD’s from the library get lunch from RHTC, cycle around the many parks and I can feel safe.
Even though we have the new Town Centre, with loads to do, I have also visited Rouse Hill House to learn the history behind Rouse Hill. It’s a great place to live, we have it all!!


Sophia Wakeling

We moved here from New Zealand five years ago. Living in walking distance to the Rouse Hill Town Centre has opened many new experiences and opportunities for my family. We can do everything we need at the Town Centre.

I adore using the new library and especially appreciate the services and staff. My family loves going to the variety of restaurants around Rouse Hill. We even take our dog to the vet at the RSPCA. 
My sister and I really appreciate that we get to have such a great education here. Living in Rouse Hill is the best!

Walking paths Rouse Hill Town Centre 2010

14 to 18 years:

Anna Rumjahn

Breathtakingly Beautiful

As the sun rolled over the hill, as birds tweeted their soulful harmonies, and as nature took a breath, I was resting inside my bedroom. I peered outside my window to see my new garden, all pruned to perfection.
“Darling, put your shoes and socks on. Let’s go for a walk” came a seemingly familiar voice.
“What lake?” I had never heard of lake before. Nonetheless, I shuffled over to my wardrobe and picked out an odd pair of socks, and headed downstairs to put my shoes on. As my mother and I exited the garage, we began to take a different track than usual to the nearby park. As we rounded to the corner, a long and wide path lay ahead of us. There were two rows of ever so elegant trees either side of this path.
“Wow!” I gaped in awe.
“I wanted to surprise you. Since we are new to Rouse Hill, I thought this would be a good idea.” “Aww thanks mum.”

And so mother and I strolled leisurely until we reached a lovely lake. It even had cute little ducks swimming in lt. I felt so honoured to be shown this magical place in Rouse Hill. 

Native plants around lake Rouse Hill Town Centre 2010

Noah Taylor

I like living in Rouse Hill because of all the great activities, facilities and opportunities that are open to me in this suburb. Many Saturday mornings find me up early cycling or rollerblading through the bike trails backing on to bush land that makes Rouse Hill so unique.

Rouse Hill has gotten the balance just right between the developments of new housing and the preservation of native flora and fauna in the surrounding parks and reserves. I appreciate that I can take a walk in a local park and see things that are natural and preserved for generations to come.

Keeping healthy by swimming, playing tennis and basketball are made easy, as these shared facilities are just a few blocks from my house. As a family we often can be found riding bikes around the neighbourhood on the well planned biking trails.

Whether I am going to the Rouse Hill Town Centre, a picnic at the Rouse Hill Regional Park or commuting to school, I am grateful for a clean and safe neighbourhood. I am also grateful that whether it be the library or the food court, meeting up with friends is made fun and easy at the Town Centre! Life’s good.

 Rouse Hill Storytelling 2010 winners Noah, Lewis and Charlotte