Waves hand-painted pool tiles to be preserved

Published on 28 May 2020

Waves hand-painted tiles.jpg

Council will record the history of Waves Fitness and Aquatic Centre and preserve elements of the original facility, such as the hand-painted tiles located in the toddler pool, to display in the new revitalised centre.

Artist Jenny Larratt painted the colourful tiles, depicting various fish, in 1967 when Waves opened.

In her youth, Jenny was a champion long distance swimmer so it was very fitting that she used her other talents at Waves to add a splash of colour.

Due to wear and tear over the years, some of the tiles have cracked and faded.

The remaining salvageable tiles have now been removed, with the aim to preserve them to include in a display when the new facility opens.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said while the new Waves will be better suited to the needs of our community, it is important that we remember the origins of the facility.

“We want to maintain a record of the history of Waves in the redevelopment,” Mayor Byrne said.

“The tiles we have salvaged will be included in a display that commemorates the old centre and the memories that our community have created there over the past 53 years.

“Waves is much-loved by our residents and I know that the new facility will continue to be an integral part of The Hills for many generations to come,” Mayor Byrne added.

Linda Dwyer, Jenny’s daughter, has fond memories of Waves and her mother’s contribution to the centre.

“It is a great honour that my mother's work will be remembered and that it has been a cherished part of the community for so many years,” Linda said.

The display, which has yet to be designed, will be incorporated into the final design and construction phase of the Waves facility.

Waves Fitness and Aquatic Centre opened in 1967 and closed in March 2020. 

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