Hills Corridor Strategy Aims To Deliver Diversity

Published on 12 October 2015


Pictured: Hills Shire Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne speaking to the Urban Taskforce in Sydney on Wednesday about The Hills Corridor Strategy.


Hills Shire Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne has called on interested members of the community to have a good look at the draft Hills Corridor Strategy rather than listening to some of the misconceptions being spread in the community.

Mayor Byrne said that one of the most common misconceptions was that the strategy would see The Hills fail to meet housing and population targets.

“I’m here to tell the community that the Hills Corridor Strategy not only meets, but exceeds the NSW Government’s housing and population targets along the Sydney Metro Northwest corridor,” Mayor Byrne said.

“Confusion has arisen because our strategy focuses on how many dwellings-per-hectare we believe is appropriate, rather than how many storeys.

“In 2013, the NSW Government released the North West Rail Link Corridor Strategy. This document gave Hills residents and developers an idea of what to expect around the future railway stations - more dwellings, more jobs and increased density”

“But the document told us that the way we delivered those additional dwellings, additional jobs and increased density was through taller buildings. When we think of increased density, why do we always relate it to building heights? Why build three-storey apartments when we can fit the same amount of people in terrace homes?

“Why should we have monotonous urban form when we can have diversity? At Council, we are open to increased densities around transport hubs and town centres, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for second rate development or concrete jungles. This is why we released the draft Hills Corridor Strategy.”

Mayor Byrne said that a dwellings-per-hectare  model would encourage developers to provide a more diverse range of options than simply providing tall apartment buildings.

“The Government’s strategy was about carefully master-planned communities, but the only thing that residents, real estate agents and the media looked at was the suggested height range of future buildings.”

“Our strategy is about getting the best outcome for future residents of the Shire, not ensuring that currently landowners and developers receive the biggest possible windfall.”

“Our strategy is about looking at how many people, dwellings and jobs we can accommodate, not how many storeys we’ll allow.

“Let’s forget self-interest for a moment and work together to get the best possible outcome for current and future Hills residents.”

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