Generation STEM brings growth opportunities to The Hills

Published on 19 October 2021


The Hills Shire Council, in partnership with the CSIRO, is bringing Generation STEM to the region - an exciting initiative aimed at inspiring and equipping our next generation of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and technicians with the skills they need to solve real world problems. 

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne is encouraging local businesses to partner with Hills Shire schools through Generation STEM. There are many ways for businesses to get involved in the program, including:

  • Mentoring teachers;
  • Hosting site visits;
  • Delivering a master class; or
  • Providing work experience opportunities.

Mayor Byrne said this was a wonderful way for students to understand more about the industry and to consider a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  

“STEM skills are in high-demand, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, including: the work that went into the COVID testing labs and clinics; the engineers involved in producing vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); the technology used to shift businesses and their staff to remote and online working environments; and the creation of lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines,” Mayor Byrne said. 

“With the Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis underway, our local industry will need greater access to a skilled workforce with experience in STEM, and this program is one way we can encourage children and young people to continue their interest in these subjects. 

“Council is proud to partner with the CSIRO on this awesome initiative that inspires young and curious minds to pursue a career in STEM,” Mayor Byrne added. 

Mayor Byrne said there were many benefits to businesses taking part in Generation STEM, including engaging young people in helping to solve local problems. 

“This is a great way to showcase the many job avenues available under STEM and to provide students with real life 'on the job' experience,” Mayor Byrne said. 

"It also shows them how an education in STEM can give them the skills to innovate and develop meaningful, and interesting careers, so they can do the things that matter to them," Mayor Byrne added. 

The first program to be launched under Generation STEM is the STEM Community Partnerships Program, where students can participate in STEM inquiry-based projects to address challenges faced by the local community and industries.

A virtual information session is available for interested businesses that would like to learn more about how they can help inspire local students and build the workforce of tomorrow.

Event details:

Date: Thursday, November 18

Time: 12pm

Location: Virtual event (a web link will be emailed to registered participants).

Find out more here and register for the virtual information session now via email at

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