Exhibition of Planning Proposal & Draft DCP - Agritourism

Published on 12 February 2024

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A Planning Proposal & Draft DCP for Agritourism in Rural Areas has been prepared and will be on public exhibition until 22 March 2024.

The planning proposal seeks to support agritourism and small-scale agricultural development and amends The Hills Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2019 to:

  1. Permit farm gate premises, with consent, in the RU6 Transition zone

  2. Introduce a new Clause 5.24 relating to farm stay accommodation (in accordance with the Government’s Standard Instrument wording)

  3. Introduce a new Clause 5.25 relating to farm gate premises (in accordance with the Government’s Standard Instrument wording).


Draft amendments are also proposed to Part B Section 1 – Rural and Part C Section 1 – Parking of The Hills Development Control Plan (DCP) 2012 to ensure appropriate built forms and development outcomes are achieved and mitigate any potential impacts on rural character and amenity.

The Planning Proposal, Draft DCP and supporting material are now on public exhibition and available for inspection on Council’s website under Have Your Say (www.thehills.nsw.gov.au).

Public Exhibition Period: Monday 12 February 2024 to Friday 22 March 2024.

Submission Deadline: 5pm, Friday 22 March 2024.


Erika Juan, Graduate Town Planner, 9843 0283

Jessie Wiseman, Strategic Planning Coordinator, 9843 0122

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