Thank you to our volunteers

Published on 11 May 2017

From the Mayor's Desk - Clr Yvonne Keane.jpg

This week marks National Volunteer Week and in light of celebrations happening around the region, I want to praise our dedicated volunteers for their wonderful efforts and ongoing contributions to bettering our already wonderful Shire.

You – our volunteers – are one of the most valuable resources in our region and it’s thanks to you that we can continue to build a connected, inclusive and vibrant community.

We are fortunate to have a wide cross section of volunteers at The Hills Shire Council including:

  • Justices of the Peace;
  • Library Volunteers and The Friends of the Hills Library;
  • The Hills Youth Army and Youth Ambassadors;
  • Committee members;
  • Bushcare, community nursery and environment centre volunteers;
  • Hills Community Care volunteers;
  • Event volunteers;
  • And I’m sure many volunteers who give their time outside of a structured group.

Thank you to all of you for working so tirelessly to provide such valuable services to our community.

You help to breathe life into our region by selflessly working to improve the well-being of our residents and the opportunities available to them.

With your ongoing help and support, Council can more readily and effectively achieve the goals we have set and the programs we offer.

At present, The Hills Shire Council has almost 1000 volunteers working in various areas. All of you put in an incredible effort to making our community a better and more welcoming place.

It is truly incredible how much time our volunteers give up to help others. This year you have contributed over 127,000 hours to the community which is an extraordinary feat in itself.

It should also be noted that The Hills was battered by two extreme storm cells earlier this year.

As a result of the unseasonable weather events, there were fallen trees, minor flooding, closed roadways, electrical outages and roof and property repairs from rain inundation and hail damage. On these occasions we are reminded of the incredible work that emergency volunteers do under extreme conditions.

To see so many people willing to give up their own time to help others and expect nothing in return is a beautiful thing. Your selfless generosity is inspiring.

It has been said that volunteers aren’t paid because a price cannot be put on the selfless support they provide to others.

I am sure that the many people, who you have supported and provided guidance to over the years, are eternally grateful for the extraordinary deeds that you have performed.

I like to think of our volunteers as “angels” disguised as “ordinary people”, doing extraordinary things.

On behalf of The Hills Shire Council – thank you – for the year that has been. You deserve our appreciation, our thanks and our gratitude.

I look forward to another wonderful year of volunteering.