Hezlett Road improvement works given the green light

Published on 12 July 2019

Mayor Byrne at Hezlett Rd.jpg

Additional safety improvements will be made to Hezlett Road in North Kellyville after Hills Shire Councillors agreed to the road safety upgrades. 

During the July 9th Ordinary Meeting of Council, it was determined the following interim improvements would be made to the busy thoroughfare ahead of the Hezlett Road Reconstruction and Widening Project: 

  • A temporary roundabout to be installed at the intersection of Curtis Road and Hezlett Road [subject to the endorsement of the Local Traffic Committee]; 
  • New light pole and an additional 250 watt spot light to be put up at the marked pedestrian crossing [just outside North Kellyville Public School]; and
  • Additional ‘Degadur’ raised line-marking to be installed to help make drivers aware of the approaching crossing by providing a visual and audio prompt.

In addition to the works, a temporary VMS speed monitor has been hired by Council to advise motorists of their speed and a new footpath is proposed along the eastern side of Hezlett Road. 

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said these works are a step in the right direction for residents.

“North Kellyville is a rural area undergoing an urban transition. While this change is taking place, our road networks have only begun to take shape,” Mayor Byrne said.

“As a Council, we’ve been working hard to improve our road networks in and around North Kellyville. We’ve been listening closely to what people have to say and actively working with residents and North Kellyville Public School to find solutions, including those that were approved during Tuesday’s Ordinary Meeting of Council. 

“I want to reassure residents these roads do have plans in place and the funding mechanisms to deliver them. 

“Already, undergrounding of power along Hezlett Road and Samantha Riley Drive is happening and is expected to be completed by mid-September. And the design for the road reconstruction is nearing completion, and once finalised, the next step is to procure a contractor through a tender process to commence the road reconstruction project.

“While ongoing works are happening, we encourage motorists and residents to exercise caution and be safe while driving on our roads,” Mayor Byrne added.