Council reviews rezoning for Dural and Round Corner

Published on 01 April 2019


The Hills Shire Council has made a decision to discontinue any further investigations into rezoning rural land for urban development within the Dural/Round Corner area until a solution for local and regional infrastructure can be found. 

Studies conducted by Council concluded the area has some urban development potential, but lacked essential infrastructure, which is needed to cope with the forecast population growth.  

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said:

“This is not surprising, given we have enough zoned and serviced land for the next 20 years or more,” she said.  

“We understand that densities are coming with the arrival of the Sydney Metro Northwest, but it makes no sense to rezone our rural-metropolitan fringes without any regard to having adequate access to services and essential infrastructure like roads, parks and public transport. 

“We need to take an holistic approach to the planning of these areas to ensure orderly development is matched by sensible infrastructure upgrades, otherwise we could be at risk of eroding our rural areas.

“If we don’t plan these areas correctly, our future communities will resent Government for it,” Mayor Byrne added.

Mayor Byrne also emphasised the need to upgrade local and regional roads within Dural/Round Corner area before any further decisions are made.  

“An upgrade of Annangrove Road, a bypass of Round Corner and upgrading Old Northern and New Line Roads should be seen as essential state infrastructure to serve as an arterial link for north-west Sydney,” Mayor Byrne said.  

“I do not believe we can wait decades for the M9 and M8 motorways and this upgrade is a logical interim step to managing traffic.

“We need the RMS and the State Government to come to the table and look at the impact current growth areas have on regional traffic and make provision for arterial corridors before it becomes uneconomical. These important connections are approaching capacity and are in need of urgent upgrade,” Mayor Byrne added. 

As part of Tuesday’s recommendation, Council will now approach the RMS to re-classify Annangrove Road from a sub-arterial road to an arterial road.

“This will recognise the higher traffic volumes that are expected in the near future,” Mayor Byrne said.  

To add to this, Council will invite Hornsby Shire Council to jointly lobby the NSW Government for the funding of essential upgrades to Old Northern Road/New Line Road to address existing pressures. 

Council will also request the reservation of a corridor that will facilitate a future bypass road between Annangrove Road and Old Northern Road, plus a funding commitment for the construction of a bypass road that will be needed as a consequence of population increase in the North West Growth Centre. 

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