Balcombe Heights Estate Skate Park opens ahead of school holidays

Published on 08 March 2019

Mayor Byrne pictured with Angus Young (Left) and Joel Young and Tana McDowell (behind).jpg

Scooter riders Tana McDowell, Joel and Angus Young have given the revitalised Balcombe Heights Estate Skate Park the thumbs up.

The avid scooter riders jumped, carved, pivoted and 360’d around the new skate facility ahead of the official opening on April 14.

“Open spaces and recreation facilities play a huge part in our Shire’s liveability,” Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said

“Our purpose-built skate park is perfect for all ages and all abilities.

“It is a place where skate and scooter enthusiasts or those looking to burn-off some energy can meet and catch-up with friends, as well as develop their skills in a safe, inclusive and accessible environment. 

“Council is proud of the work that has gone into creating this active space and we hope it will remain cherished by the community for many more years to come,” Mayor Byrne added.

The repurposed skate park includes a bowl and various new street skate options, which were developed in conjunction with Council and a specialist skate park designer following community consultation with avid skater, scooter and bike riders, park users, interest groups, young people and their parents.

"The revitalised skate park includes many features the community had asked for during the online survey and consultation session held in 2018," Mayor Byrne said.

“We’ve created a truly engaging facility that includes a variety of skate and scooter options and features for residents of all riding abilities, which is fantastic news for those looking for a challenge or wanting to learn a new skill.

“I want to thank everyone who took their time to contribute to the vision of this project. You’ve created a truly special place that can be enjoyed by all.

“I’m looking forward to seeing our residents using this repurposed asset,” Mayor Byrne added.