Proposed road name changes for Box Hill

Published on 11 January 2021


The Hills Shire Council is proposing to re-name two sections of Nelson Road, in Box Hill, to make it easier for residents and visitors to navigate.

These proposed changes, which Council is seeking community feedback on, include:

  • Section One: Rename part of Nelson Road between Windsor Road and Edwards Road, Box Hill to ‘Skarratt Road’; and
  • Section Two: Rename part of Nelson Road between Edwards Road and Old Pitt Town Road, Box Hill and Nelson to ‘Old Pitt Town Road’.

No change is proposed to the name of Section Three of Nelson Road, extending from Old Pitt Town Road into the suburb of Nelson.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said the proposal is in response to the growth and development occurring within Box Hill, and to make locations for residents, visitors and emergency services easier to find.

“Nelson Road is transforming, as more and more people move into the new Box Hill precinct,” Mayor Byrne said.

“With the current growth happening within this area, the disjointed nature of Nelson Road cannot continue as is. That’s why Council is seeking feedback on the proposed name changes for the three distinct sections which make up Nelson Road.”

It is expected that approximately 155 new homes could be located along the section of Nelson Road that will be renamed ‘Skarratt Road’ and ‘Old Pitt Town Road’ in the next few years.

“These properties will need to be given new addresses as more and more development occurs and if no changes are made, we will then need to re-number all properties along Nelson Road, including those located in Nelson,” Mayor Byrne added.

The proposal also allows Council to pay homage to a former resident who contributed greatly to the local area.

The recommended ‘Skarratt Road’ is named after long-serving Box Hill and Nelson Progress Association member and former secretary, Anthony Skarratt.

Mayor Byrne, said this is a wonderful tribute to a generous and well-respected community figure.

“Anthony Skarratt was immensely dedicated to the Box Hill and Nelson communities,” Mayor Byrne said.

“In fact, the section of road that we are proposing to name after him, is located within an area where Mr Skarratt donated land to the Box Hill and Nelson Progress Association in 1949.

“It is only appropriate that as a Council we move to remember his meaningful work with the local Progress Association, and to secure his legacy for generations to come,” she added.

The road name changes will be on public exhibition from January 11 to February 12, and can be viewed on the Hills Shire Council’s website (, under “Current Plans on Exhibition”. 

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