Planning Proposal & DCP Changes – Box Hill Employment Lands 6/2014/PLP

Submissions Close 24 April 2015

Council has prepared a planning proposal to amend the planning framework for the Box Hill Growth Centre Precinct. The purpose of the proposal is to facilitate greater job diversity, employment opportunities as well as provide additional housing and open space to meet the needs of future residents. The proposal would amend State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006.

The planning proposal seeks to rezone 53 hectares of light industrial land within the vicinity of Annangrove Road, Edwards Road and The Water Lane and some surrounding land to part B6 - Enterprise Corridor and part low and part medium density residential. Additional public open space land of 3.2 hectares has also been identified.

The proposal additionally seeks to amend the floor space ratio and minimum subdivision lot size, and remove ‘shop top housing’ as a permitted land use within the B6 – Enterprise Corridor zone. This is to ensure the future development is focused on employment delivery.

It is also proposed that the existing land on Terry Road zoned B6 – Enterprise Corridor, adjoining the future Box Hill Town Centre be rezoned to R1 General Residential. This will facilitate ground floor business uses and upper floor residential development in this location.

The revised zonings are supported by a range of draft Development Control Plan amendments including a revised road layout for the former industrial precinct.


Anne Banyai, Forward Planning Coordinator on 9843 0390.

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