North Rocks Employment Precinct & B6 Enterprise Corridor Zone

Submissions Close 10 April 2015

It is proposed to diversify the types of employment generating activities that can locate in the North Rocks Employment Precinct in order to facilitate redevelopment and revitalisation in response to economic trends that threaten its long term viability. This outcome will be achieved by rezoning the precinct from IN1 General Industrial zone to B6 Enterprise Corridor zone under the Local Environmental Plan 2012. Under this zone the precinct will maintain an industrial focus whilst also permitting business and office uses.

It is also proposed to reduce the minimum lot size from 8,000m2 to 4,000m2 to allow for additional subdivision potential, and to prohibit ‘shop top housing’ in the B6 Enterprise Corridor zone across the Shire to limit potential land-use conflicts which may inhibit employment generating uses. In support of these changes it is also proposed to amend building setbacks within the precinct under Development Control Plan 2012.

A draft Public Domain Plan has also been prepared to enhance the image and amenity of the precinct through the provision of street trees, footpaths and signage to highlight the precinct entrance.


Kate Clinton, Senior Town Planner, 9843 0129 (Mon/Wed/Thu).

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