Draft Amendments - Contributions Plan No15 – Box Hill Precinct (FP216)

Submissions Close 24 April 2015

Contributions Plan No. 15 – Box Hill Precinct applies to land within the Box Hill and Box Hill Industrial Growth Centre Precincts and facilitates the collection of monetary contributions from residential, commercial and industrial development in order to fund the provision of the local infrastructure (water management, transport management and open space) required to support urban development of the Box Hill Precinct. 

It is proposed that Contributions Plan No. 15 – Box Hill Precinct be amended to:

  • Levy residential development on a per person/dwelling basis (rather than based on Net Developable Area);
  • Levy non-residential development based on additional m2 of Gross Floor Area (rather than based on Net Developable Area);
  • Revise dwelling and population projections for the precinct as a result of the State Government Housing Diversity Package, the rezoning of Box Hill employment lands (6/2013/PLP) and the most recent ABS census data;
  • Reduce the development timeframe for the precinct from 40 years to 25 years to reflect Sydney Water’s updated Servicing Program; and
  • Incorporate recommendations arising from the review of the Contributions Plan by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal completed in December 2014.

The proposed amendments result in a reduction in the Contribution Rate payable for residential development.


Nicholas Carlton, Senior Town Planner (02) 9843 0416

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