Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne

Mayor, Dr M R Byrne


Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

IHAPs make no sense

I recently met with representatives from seven Local Government Areas to discuss a common concern – the introduction by the State Government of Independent Hearing Assessment Panels (IHAPs). There was bipartisan support against IHAPs because the introduction of these panels will directly remove planning decisions from elected representatives. This is a key role our residents elected us to do and one we take very seriously.

As Councillors, we strive to act in the best interests of our community. We understand the character of The Hills, we understand the reasons people want to live here and understand the hopes of residents. An Independent Hearing Assessment Panel is accountable to no-one and does not necessarily have knowledge of the area they are making decisions about.

We will continue to advocate for you on this matter and have requested a meeting with the Minister to gain an exemption from this unwelcome policy.

Building communities

New communities need new facilities, and its been my absolute pleasure to unveil some wonderful new play spaces in North Kellyville recently. As the community here grows, we have more parks and open spaces planned for future years to serve what is predominately an area sought after by families.

As well, we are continuing to look after our more established areas and it was wonderful to see the refreshed play area and riverside embankment improvements completed at Wisemans Ferry.

As Mayor, one of my major priorities is to have a strong plan for refreshing our existing assets as well as building new ones to ensure we all continue to enjoy the quality of life The Hills is famous for.

Lest We Forget

ANZAC Day is fast approaching, and I will be attending services at Centenary of Anzac Reserve to pay my respects to those who served our country in times of war. I hope to see you there.