Councillor Samuel Uno (Deputy Mayor)

(Deputy Mayor) Clr S P Uno - East Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

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Waves Aquatic Centre Redevelopment

After 50 years of service to the Hills community, the decision was made to redevelop the Waves Aquatic Centre site with modern facilities that meet the expectations for our residents. As a result of the fiscal responsibility of our council over many years, we are in a position to provide a premium centre that will cater to the broad needs of our community, from parents taking their children to learn to swim classes, to hydrotherapy facilities for our more mature residents. Although there will be a period where the complex will be required to close, while construction is underway, we will ensure that that the community will be kept informed and engaged during this process.

Upgrade to Local Parks

It is great to see so many local parks being upgraded throughout Baulkham Hills and Castle Hill. The recently refurbished park on Linton Street Baulkham Hills, brings back many memories of enjoying the facilities as a child with my siblings, and now it is ready for the next generation of children to make their memories there. In addition, the playground at the Telfer Way Park, Castle Hill now with its state-of-the-art equipment will provide the families of that community the space for children to enjoy.

Community Gardens

I am pleased to announce that as a result of establishing a Community Gardens policy in our Shire, we have our first successful applicant. Council has endorsed the decision to enter into a five-year lease with the Rotary Club of The Hills-Kellyville for the establishment of a membership-based community garden within Conie Avenue Reserve, Baulkham Hills. This is a great initiative that will bring local residents together with a common interest. I look forward to working together with more community groups to establishing these gardens throughout the Shire. 

Fiscal Responsibility

It is as a result of the prudent management of our resident’s rates that we have been able to deliver the infrastructure required to meet the needs of our growing community. We are proud as a Council to be able to continue to deliver the roads, parks, a new aquatic centre and community facilities expected by our residents while managing balanced budgets over an extended period of time. I wish you a safe a prosperous Christmas and New Year’s and look forward to representing you in 2021. Feel free to reach out to me, or stay up to date with what is happening throughout our Council by following me on Facebook at Clr Samuel Uno - The Hills Shire.