Councillor Samuel Uno

Clr S P Uno - East Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

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Asbestos Management

Earlier this year, traces of asbestos were found in one of our local childcare centres. While the risk was deemed to be low and appropriate action taken to remediate the site, the fear and unease from parents was palpable. Asbestos had been a commonly used building material in our older suburbs many decades ago. But due to the high cost of disposal, the risk to our community is an ongoing problem, with dumping of this toxic material occurring all too frequently.

As such, I have strongly advocated to the state government and the Minister for Environment to remove the current waste levy associated with asbestos disposal, as we need to provide all possible incentives for the correct disposal of this material. I will continue to advocate on the issue until an adequate outcome is achieved.

Waves Aquatic Centre Redevelopment

After 50 years of service to the hills community, the decision has been made to redevelop the Waves Aquatic Centre site with modern facilities that meet the expectations for our residents. As a result of the fiscal responsibility of our council over many years, we are in a position to provide a premium centre that will cater to the broad needs of our community, from parents taking their children to learn to swim classes, to hydrotherapy facilities for our more mature residents. Although there will be a period where the complex will be required to close, while construction is underway, we will ensure that that the community will be kept informed and engaged during this process.

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope you will be able to join us for Carols in the Hills and all other summer festivals held throughout our Shire. Stay safe on the roads and I look forward to representing you into the new year. Please feel free to contact me on 0438 248 085 with any local issues, or follow me on Facebook at Clr Samuel Uno - The Hills Shire.