Councillor Robyn Preston (Deputy Mayor)

(Deputy Mayor) Clr R A Preston - North Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

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This time last year, I wrote about my objection to the inclusion of ‘transgender toilets’ at the stations on the Sydney Metro Northwest line. I am pleased to announce that Transport for NSW has taken on board my comments and will be providing both male and female toilets at each station. Sometimes I think the silent majority have to push back on political correctness for the greater good of the community.

My compliments to the department for being flexible and adaptable.


When I was first elected to Council in 2008, land in North Kellyville was gazetted for release. In 2013 the first sod was turned and subdivision of the acreage began. Today we have the makings of a stunning suburb rising from the market gardens and grazing fields of decades past.

The transformation of North Kellyville has been tumultuous at times with new Hills residents moving in and dealing with new builds, construction sites and cow paddocks all around them. Unlike Box Hill North, North Kellyville has many developers owning many parcels of land and all with different targeted completion dates, which creates chaos with traffic, parking and infrastructure.

I can say though that there are exciting improvements taking place that will weave this area into an outstanding community.

North Kellyville will get five sets of traffic lights at the following intersections:

1. Samantha Riley Drive and Hezlett Road

2. Gumnut Place and Hezlett Road

3. Withers Road and Hezlett Road

4. Withers Road and Barry Road

5. Barry Road extension and Hezlett Road

Pedestrian activated traffic lights at the new North Kellyville Public School will be installed as part of the Hezlett Road upgrade. A temporary pedestrian refuge is being installed adjacent to Hills Adventist College.

Another temporary pedestrian refuge is being developed on Withers Road near Hezlett Road. Council is continuing investigations into a second pedestrian safe crossing as a temporary measure adjacent to the proposed North Kellyville Public School on Hezlett Road.

Work will commence on the undergrounding of electrical utilities on Hezlett Road later this year. The total upgrade is estimated for completion by the end of 2019.

For a faster link from North Kellyville to Box Hill, Ross Place will be extended and a bridge constructed which will connect to Edwards Road, Box Hill. When the dust settles, this gem of a suburb will sparkle!

To find out more on what capital works are proposed in North Kellyville and Shire wide go to Council's ‘My Neighbourhood’ page.

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