Councillor Dr Peter Gangemi

Clr Dr P J Gangemi - North Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

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Welcome to Gables

The creation of The Hills newest suburb ‘Gables’ was formally approved on the 17th of July 2020. As an almost lifelong Box Hill resident, I couldn’t have been any prouder to be one of the drivers of this proposal and to see the Gables name come to life.

The Gables name has a rich history within the area. In 1937, Robert and Edgar Hurrell purchased a dairy farm of 1183 acres, originally naming it Green Gables Dairy. However this name was already registered, so the name was changed to Red Gables Dairy. The dairy was at one point the largest in NSW.

Today, the site is home to The Gables development, an incredible area of new parks, beautiful houses and most of all, a tremendous community linked by mateship.

The history of the land and the aspirations of the new community will be best carried into the future by the name ‘Gables”.

Road improvements on the way in North Ward

My top priority on Council is improving the roads within the new release areas and rural parts of North Ward. There is much to do but there has been progress in recent months, including the following:

  • Finishing the four lane length of Samantha Riley Drive
  • Stop signs at Fontana Drive/ Terry Road and Edwards Road/ Annangrove Road
  • Black spot funding applications for Edwards Road/Annangrove Road, Withers Road/Annangrove Road, Withers Road/Foxall Road and Cattai Ridge Road
  • Safety improvements on Cliftonville Road and Sackville Ferry Road
  • Redesign of the Cattai Ridge Road/ Halcrows Road intersection
  • Delivery of traffic lights at Fontana Drive/Terry Road in early 2021 

Thank you to those residents who helped me submit the case for stop signs at Terry Road/Fontana Drive. I am also pushing for delivery of the Annangrove Road/Edwards Road roundabout and the Annangrove Road/Withers Road traffic lights as soon as possible amongst numerous other traffic improvements in North Kellyville.

Have your say on the Fred Caterson Reserve Master Plan

Fred Caterson Reserve is the premier sporting and recreation venue in The Hills. It is the oldest public reserve in our Shire and one of Australia’s oldest reserves dating back to the 1860’s. Fred Caterson Reserve is also the premier Hills sporting location for Baseball, Basketball, BMX, Tennis and in the future, Rugby Union.

Council has placed on exhibition the proposed Fred Caterson Reserve Master Plan, which seeks to improve the facility with:

  • More facilities: 3 new rugby fields, 5 new tennis courts and expanded junior sporting and baseball fields
  • Greater access: A second road entrance off Gilbert Road, footpath and cycleway entrances and a pedestrian bridge over Showground Road
  • Increased carparking, new facilities and better signage

To have your say on how Fred Caterson Reserve can be improved, please put in a submission on the Draft Master Plan through Council’s website.