Councillor Mike Thomas

Clr M G Thomas - West Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

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It is an honour and a privilege to represent the residents of the Hills Shire. The support from the community has been overwhelming and very humbling. The values I bring to council are;

  • Less regulation
  • Responsible governance

These are the values I will be following as we begin preparations for the budget for the coming financial year.

More than most governments, your council spends your rates in a responsible and prudent manner.

I always question the benefit to residents from activities of council. And importantly we restrain the bureaucracy of council.

This is the single most important driver of costs for any government. It is not just the wages, it is mostly the cost of the activities that they generate.

Australians recently came together on January 26th to celebrate the birth of our great nation.

The Hills Shire held Australia Day celebrations at our historical Bella Vista farm throughout the day finishing with some fantastic performances by great Australian bands.

Other local governments all around the country also held celebrations on this day of national pride.

It is such a shame to have this important day marred by the few noisy voices who constantly create controversy. I hope the noisy voices are not the recipients of public funding. Your council is committed to celebrating Australia Day on the date of the birth of our nation.

I am proud of the inclusiveness of our Shire.  We treat all people equally. We reject special treatment or recognition on the basis of race, religion or gender.

The world would certainly be a happier place if more followed these sound principles.