Councillor Brooke Collins OAM

Clr B L Collins OAM - North Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

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Great news since the last edition… we will be turning on the new traffic lights for Christmas at the long awaited Glenhaven and Old Northern Rd intersection, a project that has been 9 years in the making, and thanks to our Deputy Mayor Councillor Robyn Preston’s perseverance and Council funding this project, the community will finally benefit from this long overdue project.

Still in Glenhaven there is currently a DA in with Council to build a Place of Worship at 1 Larapinta Place Glenhaven and with submissions now closed but still coming in, we have had over 1000 submissions to date and clearly the residents of Glenhaven are strongly opposed to this development application for many reasons however what appears to be a major concern for local residents is with the current traffic congestion that has increased significantly since the development of North Kellyville, traffic will only get worse or at its worst, grind to a halt if this application is approved.

This will compound the already difficult time residents have driving through Glenhaven, especially on Glenhaven Road which is still a one lane each way road and in many parts without kerb and guttering, that has fast became a main arterial thoroughfare.

We are also currently working very hard and have put the State Government on notice that we need to slow down the rate of development until we can get our infrastructure, our roads and our transport right that will cater for the tens of thousands of new residents that will move into our Shire over the next 15 years, and it’s important you know, as your local Liberal Councillor I am listening to your concerns and I will continue to put the brakes on the sorts of developments that do not take into consideration the needs of the local residents in our community.

Also we have lots of new parks and open spaces opening across the community, and whilst we are struggling to find more playing fields our council officers have put forward some outstanding strategies that will help alleviate this issue in the short term that will help with our long term plans.

Finally, your council is in great financial shape which means we have funds that we can put towards building more parks, more playing fields, building better roads, improving our current amenities and building a better community that we can all proud to live in.