Councillor Brooke Collins OAM

Clr B L Collins OAM - North Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

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Spring has arrived and already the birds are in full song, the flowers are in full bloom, the days are getting longer and warmer again and more importantly our community keeps on changing - all for the better as it struggles to keep up with our rapid growth.

So to help bring you up to speed on the changes in North Ward and surrounding areas I am pleased to report on the following:

  • Samantha Riley Drive is changing for the better every day, and is in full swing as we head towards a road that will be upgraded to four lanes by the
  • end of 2020.
  • We will have a lot of road resurfacing taking place throughout North Ward during the latter part of this year and again in 2020.
  • The reconstruction of The Lower Portland Ferry ramp is underway and we hope to minimise any disruption during the upgrade.
  • The feedback on the lights on Glenhaven Rd at Old Northern Rd has been simply amazing and very well received - that has stopped the rat
  • runs and kept our traffic to the main roads and returning our suburban streets back to local residents.
  • Since the last edition we have improved the traffic and pedestrian movements in and around North Kellyville Public School, with new
  • footpaths, better pedestrian lighting and a new roundabout at Curtis and Hezlett Rd that has seen a significant improvement in traffic flow in this area.
  • Good news for the residents of Glenhaven with the Sydney City Planning panel unanimously refusing the development application for a place of worship at 1 Larapinta Place Glenhaven. However I have since written twice to the Hills District Muslim Society to arrange a meeting with the applicants and our Mayor to find a more alternative location in The Hills, however to date my emails have gone unanswered.
  • Throughout 2019 and 2020 you will see the continued improvement of Hezlett, Barry and Stringer Roads with new signalisation and roundabouts to improve traffic flow and movement in this area.

We will continue to invest in new parks, sporting fields and open spaces throughout 2020, including Annangrove Park and Les Shore Reserve.

The Sydney Metro has been very well received and has changed the way we travel throughout our community, however we do need to ensure we get our bus services right to cater for the increased demand and minimise the disruption to our residents. The review of bus services will continue throughout 2020 to help align with our new train service, keeping cars off the road and making it easier for our residents to commute by public transport.

Box Hill/Nelson continues to flourish and grow and we will continue to work closely with all concerned to get the best possible outcomes that will benefit all residents in this exciting new precinct.

I will continue to advocate and support the residents of North Ward and would like to acknowledge the excellent work our hard working progress associations do in supporting their local communities such as the Box Hill/Nelson, Annangrove, Friends of Glenhaven, Glenorie and North Kellyville Advocacy Groups, and I look forward to working with you all in again 2020.

I will continue to work hard to slow the rate of new development until we can bring our infrastructure up to speed that will support the rate of development, along with continuing to advocate and support the residents of North Ward, and with Christmas around the corner we will have a lot of activity that includes Christmas in The Hills, The Mayor’s children’s Christmas party and our Australian Day celebrations.

On behalf of my family I wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year, and I look forward to doing it all again in 2020!