Councillor Brooke Collins OAM

Clr B L Collins OAM - North Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

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I continue to listen and give our residents the support and voice that I said I would give you back in September last year, and I truly believe that is still the case today!

On that note I am very pleased to say that after hearing loud and clear from our North Kellyville residents for a better located pedestrian crossing from its current dangerous location on Withers Rd near Barry Road - the good news is, as we go to print, a new pedestrian island is being constructed near the corner of Withers Rd and Hezlett Rd, along with two new pedestrian islands on Hezlett Rd near Curtis St and the Hills Adventist College prior to a total of 8 new sets of traffic lights being installed by the end of 2019.

My priority continues to be the slowing down of new developments until we can get our infrastructure ahead of these new developments - noting we are still completing infrastructure promised by the Labor government back in 1985, with the great news being the Northwest Metro will be fully operational during the first half of 2019 - on budget and ahead of schedule!!!

The construction of traffic lights at the corner of Glenhaven Rd and Old Northern Rd are in full swing and on track for a Christmas 2018 opening, which is very exciting and long overdue.

North Kellyville Public School is coming on in leaps and bounds and will open in early 2019 that will be significantly improved by traffic management programs and two lanes each way on Hezlett Rd.

Finally as we grow at an unprecedented rate we are still under enormous pressure to find more open spaces and new sporting fields and whilst we are working hard to bridge this gap, I know the Mayor has been busy opening up many new and updated parks across our shire with many new and exciting sporting fields planned to open during the second half of 2018 and early 2019.

There are many other great initiatives and plans happening right across our great shire and I wish everyone a wonderful Spring and I am looking forward to The Orange Blossom Festival that is a highlight on the council calendar.