Councillor Alan Haselden (Deputy Mayor)

(Deputy Mayor) Clr A N Haselden - East Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

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Our caring, cultured and considerate community

Representing council at the opening of a new sensory play area at Jasper Road Public School reminded me of the large number of families and children in the Shire who struggle with a range of disabilities. Jasper Road School caters for a number of such children and the new play facility, funded by State and Federal Government, brings obvious joy to the children whose lives are otherwise more difficult than those of their peers.

Judging by the quality of the production of the Blackout Theatre Company’s ‘Singing In The Rain’, the investment in the newly opened Pioneer Theatre in the Castle Grand building was well considered in providing a modern and flexible performing arts facility which should prove to be popular in meeting the diverse interests and tastes of our community.

The ill considered white elephant known as The Hills Centre nearly ruined Council back in the ‘80s and Council debated many options before deciding on this modest venue. Fiscal responsibility is a hallmark of a modern council carrying out its responsibility as the steward of public money.

Council’s grand property in Baulkham Hills known as Cropley House has been leased to a new tenant which has invested in a major restoration. The end result is simply magnificent and a credit to the foresight of people with vision. As a venue for weddings, conferences and other major community events it is matched across Sydney by only a few other rare examples of such grandeur.

Council continues to wrestle with the fallout of China’s decision to halt imports of recyclable material. The news this week of a similar move by Malaysia will only add to the challenge which Council and its contracted refuse collection services face as we confront this new reality.

It is barely an exaggeration to say that societies across the planet are suffocating in waste with plastic and other rubbish soiling our waterways, oceans and roadsides. A lot more collective effort across all levels of government needs to go into determining how we address this burgeoning problem. Shipping our crudely assorted trash overseas is no longer an option.