Sydney West Central Planning Panel

Previously known as the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP).


Development Applications and Modifications determined by the Sydney West Central Planning Panel include:

Regional development, as outlined in Schedule 4A of the EP&A Act:

Development with a capital investment value (CIV)* over $20 million
Development with a CIV* over $5 million which is:

  • council related
  • lodged by or on behalf of the Crown (State of NSW)
  • private infrastructure and community facilities
  • eco-tourist facilities

extractive industries, waste facilities and marinas that are designated development,
certain coastal subdivisions
development with a CIV* between $10 million and $20 million which is referred to the Planning Panel by the applicant after 120 days

  • modification applications for regionally significant development under section 96(2) of the EP&A Act
  • DAs forming part of a staged development application which is regionally significant
  • Crown DAs with a CIV under $5 million, or modifications of Crown DAs, where Council has failed to determine the DA within the required period or seeks to refuse consent or impose a condition not agreed to by the applicant, as outlined in Section 89 of the EP&A Act


*Capital investment value (CIV) is calculated at the time of lodgement of the DA for the purpose of determining whether an application should go to a Planning Panel - refer to Planning Circular PS 10-008.



SWCPP Agendas & Reports

The following Development Applications are to be determined by the Sydney West Central Planning Panel. A copy of the meeting agenda and associated reports can be downloaded at


SWCPP Archive

SWCPP Agenda - 15 December 2016(PDF, 20MB)


JRRP Archive

JRRP Agenda - Electronic Determination November 2016(PDF, 3MB)

JRPP Agenda - 17 November 2016(PDF, 5MB)

JRPP Agenda - Electronic Determination October 2016(PDF, 4MB)

JRPP Agenda - 20 October 2016(PDF, 5MB)

JRPP Agenda - 27 September 2016(PDF, 23MB)

JRPP Agenda - 15 September 2016(PDF, 34MB)

JRPP Agenda - 18 August 2016(PDF, 11MB)

JRPP Agenda - 23 June 2016(PDF, 2MB)

JRPP Agenda - 19 May 2016(PDF, 25MB)

JRPP Agenda - 17 March 2016(PDF, 5MB)

JRPP Agenda - 18 February 2016(PDF, 2MB)

JRPP Agenda - 16 December 2015(PDF, 7MB)

JRPP Agenda - 26 November 2015(PDF, 9MB)

JRPP Agenda - 29 October 2015(PDF, 6MB)

JRPP Agenda - 24 September 2015(PDF, 1MB)

JRPP Agenda - 28 August 2015(PDF, 9MB)

JRPP Agenda - 30 July 2015(PDF, 7MB)

JRPP Agenda - 25 June 2015(PDF, 1MB)

JRPP Agenda - 9 April 2015(PDF, 2MB)

JRPP Agenda - 5 March 2015(PDF, 12MB)

JRPP Agenda - 5 February 2015(PDF, 9MB)

JRPP Agenda - 18 December 2014(PDF, 16MB)

JRPP Agenda - 20 November 2014(PDF, 8MB)

JRPP Agenda - 16 October 2014(PDF, 8MB)

JRPP Agenda - Electronic Determination - October 2014(PDF, 18MB)

JRPP Agenda - 18 September 2014(PDF, 6MB)

JRPP Agenda - Electronic Determination - Sept 2014(PDF, 11MB)

JRPP Agenda - July 2014(PDF, 1MB)

JJRPP Agenda - Electronic Determination - July 2014(PDF, 2MB)

JRPP Agenda - 15 May 2014(PDF, 1MB)