The NSW Government is threatening our family-friendly suburbs

23 February 2024

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Do you want an apartment block popping up next door to your family home?

That’s what the NSW Government is proposing to allow in our family-friendly suburbs as part of their Explanation of Intended Effect: Changes to create low and mid-rise housing, which is now available for you to have your say.

The proposed changes will apply to areas within 800 metres of Metro Stations and town centres such as Baulkham Hills Town Centre and Wrights Road in Kellyville. These changes could also affect our smaller village and neighbourhood centres such as Knightsbridge in Castle Hill, Glenhaven, and Crestwood in Baulkham Hills.

It will allow for more development, including two-to-six-storey apartments, terraces, and manor housing, to be built closer to or within some of our residential areas. This means these housing options could be constructed next to existing properties, including your family home.

These amendments override years of practical planning work that this Council has done in consultation with our community. We’ve ensured that different housing options are available in the right locations, supported by the right community infrastructure and public transport. For instance, we’ve kept apartments in areas within walking distance of our Metro Stations and shops.

Council’s goal is to create well-connected neighbourhoods for our residents to enjoy. However, this is all at risk with The NSW Government proposing a one-size-fits-all approach to housing.

More concerning, the NSW Government has not proposed any concrete infrastructure solutions to keep up with the unplanned growth. This lack of support makes it difficult for Council to provide necessary services such as parks, roads, and other amenities for the growing population. These changes will also lead to more traffic on our roads, increased demand for our open spaces, reduced on-street parking and added pressure on our already struggling schools and hospitals.

It could also destroy our unique local character which is one of the key reasons why many families choose The Hills Shire to set up their homes and raise their families.

We need you to join the fight to stop the NSW Government from destroying our family-friendly suburbs. We need you to make a submission to the Explanation of Intended Effect: Changes to create low and mid-rise housing before it closes on Friday 23 February 2024.

What areas will be affected by the proposed changes?

For The Hills, the proposed changes will likely impact the following areas:

  • Areas within 800m walking distance of a Metro Station and
  • Areas within 800m walking distance of land zoned E1 Local Centre or MU1 Mixed Use, but only if the zone contains a wide range of frequently needed goods and services such as supermarkets, shops and restaurants including areas such as Baulkham Hills Town Centre.

What type of housing is the NSW Government proposing to build to generate more homes?

  • Low-rise housing which consists of 1-to-2-storey dual occupancy, multi-dwelling housing (such as terraces and townhouses) and manor houses, which are typically small two-storey apartment blocks and
  • Mid-rise housing, which typically consists of 3-to-6-storey residential flat buildings or shop-top housing.
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What are the proposed changes to low-rise housing?

  • Permit manor houses and multi-dwelling housing (such as townhouses and terraces) on land zoned R2 Low Density residential within station precincts and town centres
  • Introduce new standards that override local planning controls for building height, lot size, lot width, floor space ratio and parking and
  • Introduce new provisions that override local planning controls to enable subdivision under the development approval pathway for multi-dwelling housing (terraces and townhouses) and dual occupancies.

What are the proposed changes to mid-rise housing?

  • Permit residential 3-6 storey residential flat buildings on land zoned R3 Medium Density Residential within station precincts and town centres
  • Introduce new standards for building height and floor space ratios for apartment developments and “turn off” minimum site area and width requirements and
  • Introduce standalone controls that vary the requirements of the Apartment Design Guide to ensure smaller apartments are designed to what the NSW Government considers “well-designed” and “excellent”.

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