Technical Studies

These Plans have been informed by the outcomes of strategic planning investigations which were commissioned by Council in late-2020.

  • Strategic Centres Discussion Paper (prepared by Mecone)
  • Retail Floor Space Analysis (prepared by SGS Economics and Planning)
  • Commercial Floor Space Demand (prepared by SGS Economics and Planning)
  • Housing Market Analysis (prepared by BIS Oxford Economics)
  • Transit Centres – Parking Analysis (prepared by PeopleTrans)
  • Shire Economic Health Check (prepared by .id Consulting)
  • Shire Economic Profile (prepared by .id Consulting)
  • Public Domain Audit and Analysis (prepared by Aspect Studios)
  • Big Data Analytics (prepared by Place Intelligence)
  • COVID-19 Business Implications (prepared by McCrindle)
  • Investment Attraction Study (prepared by McCrindle)


The investigations form part of the exhibition material for the Draft Precinct Plans and Draft Economic Growth Plan.

These investigations can be accessed via clicking on the images below. 

The Hills Strategic Centres Discussion Paper(PDF, 11MB)


Retail Floor Space Analysis(PDF, 7MB)


Commercial Floorspace Demand(PDF, 4MB)


Housing Market Analysis(PDF, 1MB)


Transit Centres – Parking Analysis(PDF, 8MB)


Shire Economic Health Check(PDF, 913KB)


Shire Economic Profile(PDF, 1MB)


Public Domain Audit and Analysis(PDF, 39MB)


Big Data Analytics(PDF, 125MB)


COVID-19 Business Implications(PDF, 4MB)


Investment Attraction Study(PDF, 3MB)