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What is the purpose of the Draft Precinct Plans?

The Draft Precinct Plans set a 20-year vision for the three Strategic Centres to enable them to reach their full potential.

The Draft Precinct Plans build upon the high-level outcomes envisaged within Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement and NSW Government strategies and articulate how these outcomes will ultimately be implemented over the next 20 years.

The Draft Precinct Plans drill down into the finer grain, site specific detail to inform future development and potential changes to planning controls in each Strategic Centre.

What is the purpose of the Draft Economic Growth Plan?

The Draft Economic Growth Plan provides a clear direction to achieve Council’s vision for economic development within The Hills.

The Plan articulates the benefits of locating and doing business in The Hills Shire and how Council will support business and employment growth in the Region.

Why have the Draft Plans been prepared?

The preparation and implementation of Draft Precinct Plans for Norwest, Castle Hill and Rouse Hill Strategic Centres, as well as the preparation of an Economic Growth Plan are actions identified within Council’s adopted Local Strategic Planning Statement (Council’s overarching strategy that provides a 20 year vision for The Hills Shire).

Will the Draft Plans change zoning?

No changes to land use zoning are proposed at this time.

These documents set the strategic direction for the strategic centres over the next 20 years and we will consult with residents further if any changes are proposed to land use zones.

Any changes to the zoning or planning controls would be subject to separate future processes (such as a landowner-initiated or Council-initiated planning proposal).

What has informed the Draft Plans?

A number of documents including a range of analysis has been carried out to inform the key outcomes, including:

  • Review of State and Local Strategic planning framework.
  • Analysis of demographic and economic trends.
  • Analysis of built and natural environment.
  • Consideration of Regional Traffic Modelling.
  • Strategic Planning Investigations (available on the Have Your Say page).
  • Consideration of infrastructure demand and capacity. 
What are the Precinct Plan key outcomes?

Each Draft Precinct Plan contains a structure plan and key desired outcomes, which identify capacity for employment and residential growth together with anticipated built form, density and land use outcomes, along with potential connectivity, public domain and infrastructure improvements.

What is Council seeking from the consultation process?

We are planning for our growing community. Draft documents have been prepared for consultation purposes, so we can capture the feedback of stakeholders including landholders, business, industry groups, government agencies and the wider community.

You are encouraged to make a submission as this will enable Council to gain a better understanding of stakeholder and community perspectives and ensure these views are well considered as part of the planning process.

How will the vision for the Strategic Centres be implemented?

The Draft Precinct Plans each contain an Implementation Plan, which sets out how the vision will be implemented over the next 20 years.

The Implementation Plans include a consolidated list of actions and set out the proposed phasing and responsibilities for each of the actions.

What happens with the submissions and when will the Draft Plans be finalised?

Any submissions and stakeholder feedback received during the consultation phase will be reviewed and will be subject of a post exhibition report for Council’s consideration.

This will enable Council to consider feedback from the community, landowners and key stakeholders and at that time, determine whether or not to adopt the Draft Plans (with or without amendment having consideration to any submissions and feedback received). This is likely to happen towards the end of 2023.

How long are the Draft Plans being exhibited for?

The Draft Plans are being publicly exhibited concurrently for an extended three-month period.

The Draft Plans will be on public exhibition until 31 July 2023.

Where can the exhibition material be viewed?

Exhibition material can be viewed on the Have Your Say page.

Hard copies are available for viewing at Council’s Administration Building as well as all Libraries.

Should you have any difficulties reading or accessing the material, please reach out to the Forward Planning Team on 9843 0555 who would be happy to assist.

How else can I get involved during the exhibition period?

Council will be holding various ‘Drop-In Sessions’ and ‘Workshops’. Details on the time, dates and locations are available on the Have Your Say page on Council’s Website.

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