Have Your Say on Council's Pesticide Use Notification Plan

Submissions closed on 13 July 2021, 04:30 PM

Pesticide Use Notification Plan.jpg

The Pesticide Use Notification Plan (Plan) has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Pesticides Regulation 2017. The Plan sets out how The Hills Shire Council will notify the community of pesticide applications.

The aim of the Plan is to meet the community’s general right to know about pesticide applications made to outdoor public places that are owned or controlled by The Hills Shire Council. The Plan allows members of the community to take action to avoid contact with pesticides, if they wish. 

To view the Pesticide Use Notification Plan, click here.(PDF, 588KB)

A copy of the Plan will also be made available for public inspection at The Hills Shire Council, 3 Columbia Court NORWEST. The Plan will be on display for public comment for four weeks.

Submissions have now closed.