Skip Bin and Shipping Container Placement

Residents are encouraged to locate storage containers within their property wherever possible to avoid impeding pedestrian movement.

If a skip bin - for waste management purposes - and is placed wholly within the property boundary there is no Council Fee, and no approval required under the Local Approvals Policy.

Skip bins, PODS and shipping containers are unregistered and uninsured articles and Council does not support them being placed on the roadway (between kerbs). 

Placement of Skip Bins, shipping containers and storage pods on public land

An exemption applies when all of the criteria in the Local Approvals Policy is met:

  • The size of the container is 8 cubic metre or less (bins 8 cubic metre and under do not require approval)
  • Placed on public land in residential zoned (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, E4 etc) areas only, as defined by The Hills LEP 2012 – generally residential not business/commercial area.
  • Well maintained an clearly marked with the name of the supplier including a 24 hour contact telephone number
  • Not in a place for a period exceeding 7 consecutive calendar days
  • Not placed on a road carriage way or public reserve
  • The container is not placed immediately adjacent to a travelling lane on a Roads & Maritime Service (RMS) controlled State Arterial Road or a Council controlled Sub-arterial Road
  • The container is not used for putrescible or hazardous waste
  • The container supplier has a minimum, Public Liability of $20,000,000 


The following conditions apply if the above criteria are met:

  • The container hirer is responsible for keeping the area around the container clean and tidy at all times
  • The container hirer is responsible for the cost for the repairs to Council assets that may be damaged during the placement and removal of the container

Council may order the removal of waste storage container at any time if such a container, or the activity associated with it is considered to cause a nuisance or danger to the public.

If the above exemption criteria cannot be met, consent is required from Council, fees apply.