Exhibition of State Government’s Employment Zone Reforms (FP245)

Submissions closing on 12 July 2022, 04:30 PM

Exhibition of State Government’s Employment Zone Reforms tile.jpg

The Department of Planning and Environment (State Government) is rolling-out a new employment zone framework, which is intended to simplify the current system, provide increased flexibility for businesses and landowners, boost economic growth and support productivity.

On 1 December 2022, Business and Industrial zones under Council’s Local Environmental Plan 2019 (LEP 2019) will be replaced by new Employment zones.

In late-2021, the State Government provided Council with preliminary translation detail for business and industrial zones, which was formally considered by Council at a Council Meeting on 22 March 2022, where Council resolved as follows:

“Council provide in-principle endorsement for the proposed employment zone translation for exhibition purposes, in accordance with the Return Translation Detail package and supporting information (Attachments 9-12) and the comments within this report.”


A copy of the Council Report and Minute on this matter is available for viewing below.

Council Report and Minute, 22 March 2022(PDF, 49MB)


The State Government is publicly exhibiting the translation detail of existing business and industrial zones into the new employment zones from 31 May 2022 to 12 July 2022.

To view the detail of the exhibition and make a submission please visit the Department’s Planning Portal and Employment Zones Reform webpage for general information on the reform process.

Should you wish to make a submission, any written comments must be provided via the State Government Planning Portal (accessible via the address above) by COB 12 July 2022. It is also requested that any future correspondence in relation to this matter quote Council’s reference number FP245.

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Planning and Environment on 1300 420 596 or by email at employment.zones@planning.nsw.gov.au



The Department’s Frequently Asked Questions page is also available for viewing below: 

Department's Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 81KB)


Making Submissions

Please note that submissions should be made via the search webforms on the planning portal, so that the detail can be linked to a specific site, employment zone or local government area. Submissions made in free format may not be able to be considered in detail.

Given this exhibition applies across the state the preferred submission format prepopulates property identifiers to enable an efficient and clear alignment of submission to LEP so that the Department and council can review feedback and finalise amendments by September.

Please find below a copy of the Department’s Planning Portal User Guide. It explains how the search tool can be used to view the proposed translation and explains how submissions can be made. 

Planning Portal User Guide(PDF, 565KB)