Public Exhibition - The Hills Shire Bike Plan

Submissions closed on 05 August 2022, 04:30 PM

The Hills Shire Bike Plan.png

Council supports safe, convenient, and accessible transport options, including walking and cycling, which provide healthy recreational activities for our residents.

At the Council meeting held on 28 June 2022, it was resolved to exhibit the attached Bike Plan and Cycling Maps for public comment. All submissions will be reported back to Council for further consideration.

The Bike Plan is a strategic document that is intended to assist Council’s future decision-making for the active transport network throughout the Shire. Residents are asked to provide their feedback on the latest technical review of the Shire Bike Plan and to comment on the progress of relevant infrastructure since the last review in 2009.

Since that time, a significant series of new works have been implemented across the Shire, and new development areas in Box Hill, Gables, Kellyville, and North Kellyville have now been included in the Bike Plan Review. Additionally, large portions of the cycling network have been delivered since that time and the connection points for the network into residential areas and metro stations have also changed.

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