Proposed Lease or Licence Agreement

Submissions closed on 27 May 2022, 04:30 PM

Proposed Licence or Lease Agreeent tile.png

The Hills Shire Council is proposing to enter into Lease and or Licence Agreements for occupation of part of land classified under the Local Government Act 1993 (“the Act”) as community land.

As the land on which the above is proposed, is classified as Community Land, in accordance with the provisions of Section 47 of the Local Government Act, interested parties are invited to make a submission with respect to the granting of the Licence Agreement.


Location of Property 


Term of Lease/Licence

Castle Hill Art Society

Castle Glen Community Centre

155Z – 157Z Ridgecrop Drive Castle Hill

Purpose of an art society and other community and fundraising activities connected with the  Licensee’s operations.

Licence term Five (5) years, plus Five (5) year Option


Parties wishing to make comment on the application are invited to forward written submissions to Council by 27 May, 2022.

Enquiries regarding this matter can be directed to:

Debra Palmer - Property Officer on 02 9843 0523 or email