Reclassification of Residential Land Adjoining Stringer Road

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A planning proposal to amend State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 to reclassify land at 104 Barry Road, North Kellyville (Lot 11 DP 843578) from ‘community’ to ‘operational’ land in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 is currently on exhibition.

The planning proposal relates to a small portion of land (approximately 403m2) which adjoins the Stringer Road Sports Complex. The land is zoned for residential development however was acquired by Council in the course of acquiring land for the Stringer Road Sports Complex. The land proposed to be reclassified is surplus and is not required for the delivery of the Stringer Road Sports Complex.

Reclassification of the land would enable its potential sale and incorporation into the subdivision of the adjoining development site at 106 Barry Road. This would facilitate orderly development outcomes, including the construction of a new local road.

Delegation for the making of the Local Environmental Plan has not been issued to Council under the Gateway Determination as the subject land is in Council’s ownership.

Enquiries: Laura Moran, Senior Town Planner – Forward Planning, 02 9843 0581.

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Public Hearing and Consultation Report

Members of the public were invited to attend a public hearing on the proposed reclassification of Council-owned land adjoining the Stringer Road Sports Complex, North Kellyville (Lot 11 in DP 843578) from “Community” to “Operational”. The public hearing was independently chaired by Astrolabe and was held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14 December 2021 at the Vinegar Hill Memorial Library and Community Centre (Rouse Hill Town Centre) – Rex Money Room. The purpose of the public hearing was to give interested people the opportunity to have their say on the proposed reclassification before a decision is made.

Following the public hearing, an Independent Consultation Report was prepared by Astrolabe and was provided to Council on 22 December 2021. In accordance with the relevant legislative requirements, the Independent Consultation Report is now publicly available for viewing.

The purpose of the Independent Consultation Report is to summarise the key points raised at the public hearing. Its function is not to make recommendations or a decision about the proposal. It will assist Council when making a decision on whether to reclassify the site.   

Astrolabe’s Independent Consultation Report on the public hearing can be viewed by clicking on the image below: 

Public Hearing Report for the Reclassification of Public Land(PDF, 3MB)


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