Have Your Say on the proposed Bidjigal Creek rehabilitation works

Submissions closing on 30 September 2021, 04:30 PM

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The detailed design of the Bidjigal Creek waterway rehabilitation works located within Timothy Avenue Reserve in Castle Hill is currently on public exhibition for information and comments.

The existing condition of Bidjigal Creek is generally poor, with highly incised and unstable banks that may eventually impact the adjacent properties in the long term if not addressed appropriately. The creek’s water quality is poor and extensive invasive weed are prevalent within its riparian corridor.

The proposed rehabilitation works are for the section of Bidjigal Creek that is flanked to the west by properties along Timothy Avenue and to the east by properties in Jarrah Place, Aubrey Close and Walsh Avenue. The works once completed will provide the following benefits to the community:

  • Improvement in the waterway’s natural function
  • Damage risk reduction in properties adjoining the creek
  • Recreational benefits to the local community

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) undertaken for the project has revealed that as the proposed works are within the existing modified and degraded area, the potential for environmental impacts is low.

A Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP) has been prepared to ensure the proper management of construction-related activities including minor clearing of vegetation, sediment transport, additional traffic and noise.

Likewise, a Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) has been prepared to assist in managing, rehabilitating and revegetating any disturbed areas resulting from the proposed works. Once the proposed works are completed and operational, adverse environmental and community impacts are not expected.

Relevant appendices are provided as attachments to the public exhibition available on this page.

Submissions can be made using the online submission form below.

Proposed Works


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