EOI - FREE Worm Farming Trial at an Apartment Building

Submissions closing on 06 November 2020, 04:30 PM

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Do you live in an apartment or are you the strata/building manager of an apartment building? Are you keen to make a positive environmental change?

The Hills Shire Council will be running a FREE three month worm farming trial with one apartment building in The Hills to help them reduce the food waste they send to landfill.

Why are we doing this trial?

Recent kerbside bin audits show that over 40% of our red lidded garbage bin waste here in The Hills is made up of food scraps. As part of Council's Local Strategic Planning Statement Council is prioritising the trialling of organic waste separation for high density developments. This trial will help inform Council on food scrap separation behaviours and allows for further discussions to take place on the potential of collecting food waste separately from apartment complexes in the future.

Why remove food scraps from the red lidded garbage bin?

Food waste in The Hills Shire is currently sent to landfill and breaks down in a way that can create emissions which impacts upon air quality and public health. One such gas is methane, which is more potent and detrimental to the environment than the carbon dioxide emissions that come out of your car.

Food scraps can also be composted to enrich soils and grow more food instead of disposing of them in landfill, where disposal costs are currently on the rise.

Benefits of participating in the program:

  • The trial is FREE! No cost to the building or residents!
  • All participating residents will receive a FREE gift at the end of the three month trial, so food recycling efforts can continue on site
  • Minimal maintenance effort required from site staff and residents
  • Your building can become part of the narrative to increase positive environmental outcomes in The Hills! 

Submissions for the Expression of Interest period close on Friday 6 November 2020.


The trial will take place in early 2021.


To submit an Expression of Interest for your apartment, fill in the submission form below.

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