CityWatch Request Portal

Help us watch our city - Our online interface helps you report issues fast

Click the icon below to open Citywatch - If this is the first time you have opened Citywatch be sure to select the option to save a link to your device when prompted.


The benefits of using Citywatch

You’re out and about and you see an issue that needs attention - it could be something like graffiti on public property, a pothole or even a broken swing in a park.

Report it on the spot with your smart phone, selecting your location and attaching an image using City Watch.

Why would you choose City Watch as the best option?

  • The job will be logged instantly.
  • An individual number will acknowledge your request.
  • The task will be allocated automatically to the right person who can schedule work.
  • You can request to be contacted when the work is complete.
  • You have the option to give feedback on how satisfied you are with the work and whether the job was completed.