Wood Fired Home Heaters

Wood fired heaters are a growing problem in Western Sydney. Many are not installed or operated properly. This causes heightened emissions of harmful air pollutants affecting the health and amenity of neighbouring properties.

It has been estimated by the EPA that solid fuel heaters contribute to 40% of Sydney's air particle pollution in winter. This rises to up to 50% on winter weekends. This is two to three times the amount of pollution being emitted by cars.

To combat excess woodheater smoke, council can order the owners to take necessary action to alleviate the nuisance.

In some circumstances the owners may be issued with a Smoke Abatement Order. This restricts the use of the heater.

Smoke from wood heaters and fireplaces is a major source of air pollution. When wood heaters are producing excess smoke it is a sign that the heater is not being used in the correct manner.

Associated PDFs

The Hills Shire Council Local Approvals Policy(PDF, 1MB)

Guidelines for Application, Installation & Operation of Wood Heaters(PDF, 747KB)

Application for Approval to Install Solid or Oil Fuelled Home Heater(PDF, 572KB)


If you require further information contact Council's Environmental Health and Sustainability section on +61 2 9843 0555 or email council-enviro@thehills.nsw.gov.au